About Agonswim

Agonswim create high performance racing swimwear with a unique style that can show off any swimmers personality. Being a world leader in manufacturing quality swimwear, Agonswims objective is to make strong durable swimwear that will last. All Agonswim Racing Jammers and racing kneelength swimsuits are either FINA Approved, with a unique official printed logo on the swimsuit, or are FINA compliant, which is great for swimmers racing at the highest competitions. Agonswim also makes a great range of swimwear equipment such as there mesh bags which are functional and soft, great for storing all swimming equipment.

Agonswim Swimwear Fabrics

Agonswim Fabrics are at the highest quality of racing swimwear. Agons Lycra Fabric is shiny and smooth, great for comfort and gliding through the pool while racing. Agonswim Streamline Fabric is the sleek water repellant fabric that give competitive athletes the strength and endurance when racing. It’s resin stripes help slide through water with no distractions. Agon Paper Fabric is the lightest technical racing fabric Agonswim makes. It’s paper thin fabric is great for elite swimmer who want the best performance when racing.

Agonswim Swimwear Styles

Agonswim Racing Kneelength Swimsuits have a great design that is perfect of all competitive swimmers. The swimsuit features quality fabrics and styles such as wide straps for torso support and an open keyhole back. This design is fit for muscular builds and is built to last even with the most active aquatic sports or high level racing. Agonswim Racing Jammers are a popular design with a long legged coverage that starts at the hip and extends to the knee. The jammer is great for competitive swimmers and have a hidden drawstring that supports and holds in place in the most active aquatic sports.